Legenden der See

Zu neuen Ufern (To New Shores)

This was the first adventure and the start of our campaign. Vincente di Valeri, one of the characters, was travelling on the southern seas aboard the Mermydion II, a trading ship of his father’s company. His mission was to scout for potential trading partners in the southern colonies of their home country, the Horasrealm, and to negotiate trading relationships if possible. But he wasn’t very successful at all. None of the companies throughout the colonies showed interest. So, after all, there was just one colony left to visit: Nesquiria, a small and relatively unimportant colony found only ten years ago. On the way, the ship got caught in a horrible storm and was just about to sink, when a shoreline and the lights of a village came in sight – as everybody thought. But it was no village at all, but coast-pirates with lamps, who provoked the ship come too close to the shore and crash onto the rocky coast. Many sailors died, falling over board in the crash, being washed of the deck by giant waves or crushed by loose cargo and other stuff flying around. When the ship began turning upside down, Vincente and one of the passengers, Yasine, who randomly met in the middle of the mess, decided to get off the ship as soon as possible using one of the two row-boats on board, which had ripped of its holding-ropes and drifted in the wild water nearby the ship. They made it to the boat in a risky swimming action and managed to board it. Then, with their last breath, they began rowing to the coast. Close to the beach, their boat was roughly turned upside down by a huge wave and they were thrown into the sea again, but fortunately it was just a short swim to reach dry land by then. They made it, but turned unconscious the same moment they hit the sand. When they woke up again, they found themselves laying on a beach on a foreign coast. Their boat was smashed between some rocks in the water nearby, but they were alive. Almost all their equiptment was gone, but they managed to find some useful goods in a handful of cargo-crates from their ship floating around in the water nearby. Exploring the rocky beach, they soon managed to locate the shipwreck: it laid on some rocks, only half in the water, maybe hundred or two hundred meters off the beach. Some people were there, which didn’t seem to be sailors from the Mermydion II. Right, they weren’t at all. They were some of the coast-pirates mentioned before, who were just starting to plunder the wreck, when Vincente and Yasine hit the scene. Vincente went straight ahead and started talking to them. Bad idea. The pirates proved themselves not to be interested in talking too much and engaged Vincente. Bad idea either. Vincente still had his cutlass and parry-dagger and so some pirates quickly learned that an angry professional swordsman is no one you want to get in conflict with. During the fight, one of the pirates who wasn’t even armed suddenly grabbed the cutlass from a dead sailor laying around and started fighting the pirate leader. One pirate leader and some pirate goons later, the traitor introduced himself as Vito and explained that he was held as a hostage and forced to join the pirates. He leaded them to the place where the pirates had camped and where they found some clothes, water and food as well. Vincente told that they had stranded and Vito told them, that they were on an island an there was a pirate camp on site where the rest of the pirates lived under the command of a man called Eduardo Hernan di Falcone, a cruel pirate captain. Also, Vito told them that the pirates had two ships: the Dekapus, di Falcones flagship, and the Stormgull, a small coast sailing ship, able to be sailed by a handful of people. The perfect way to escape the island. It turned out that Vito had planned this escape for a long time but wasn’t able to get together enough people for the escape. Until now. The pirate camp, as Vito told them, laid in a long but tight bay well hidden in the coastline. First, he told, they had to take out a hidden bunker positioned in some distance to the camp on one side of the bay and used to watch out for enemy ships. This bunker had a cannon and would be able to shoot their boat when sailing out the beach. So they took the rowing boat the pirates had hidden nearby and headed to the bunker. In a risky fight, they managed to kill the pirates in the bunker and to destroy the cannon. Wounded and tired, they decided to spend the night there and go on the next day in the early morning before the sunrise. They did so, and when the sun shily began to rise over the ocean in a weak, pale shine, the characters laid well hidden in the bushes aside the bay and watched the pirate camp nearby. It was illuminated by the shine of more than two dozen torches and some fireplaces and some celebration was going on. At least, it wasn’t day yet and there was enough noise. The characters decided to do the job while it still was relatively dark. Following a small stream coming from inside the island, they sneaked down to the beach, where the pirate camp was build on some wooden platforms on wooden poles maybe two meters over the waterline and ten meters away from the beach. The characters dived the way from the beach to the space under the platforms, where they were relative safe although maybe two meters over them more than fifty pirates wildly celebarated. While the others swam to the Stormgull, Vito headed to the Dekapus. His plan was to disable the row of the ship to prevent that the pirates would chase the Stormgull if their escape would be spotted. But doing so, Vito had to dive down to reach the iron angles of the row. He made it, but getting low on oxygen, he surfaced a bit too fast and noisy, so he was spotted by the pirates guarding the deck of the ship. Too bad. Now, the escape had suddenly got much faster. Fast as hell, Vito swam over to the Stormgull, which the others already had boarded and prepared for the takeoff. Bu now they had been spotted. While Vito climbed on board, the others unfolded the sail and began to toss the wooden plank over board which lead to the pier, while the pirates opened up fire from pistols, arkebuses and muskets. Before the plank hit the water, suddenly a red coated figure jumped on board. Black beard, red captains clothes, a grim face and two shining blades, rapier and left-hand-dagger. Captain Eduardo di Falcone. Ooops. While the others desperately tried to make the ship leave the bay, Vincente engaged di Falcone in a furious fight. Vincente was seriously wounded, but in the end, he successfully performed a desperate disarming-technique and left the pirate captain without his rapier, who jumped overboard with the words “enjoy your victory as long as it lasts”. So, in the end, the Stormgull headed into the sunrise, leaving behind a horde of furious pirates and a saltwater-soaked captain.

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